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Korea University Anam Hospital

Our center is also a comprehensive medical and healthcare center rendering integrated services of medical examination and evaluation, immunization, travel health consultation, personalized nutrition therapy, and international medical assistance. IHC is the central point of contact for patients from abroad before, during or even after their visit. Our experienced staff and interpreters strive to make you feel at home and coordinate every aspect of your visit. 


We aim to provide services tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Better understanding our patient’s lifestyle, culture and health priorities enables us to deliver care that promotes complete healing and continued wellness.


Korea University Anam Hospital is a tertiary referral hospital holding renowned specialists in various fields of medicine, offering a multidisciplinary approach.

Here, you’ll find more than five hundred physicians practicing in state-of-the-art facilities ranked among the best in the world. As such, the International Health Care Center is capable of offering its patients the most comprehensive treatment available.


We look forward to becoming a part of your journey to wellness!


Specialized treatment


■ Specialized Centers

Cell therapy is a new future medicine that encourages the treatment of many diseases that were known to be incurable in the past by regenerating organ functions damaged by disease or trauma using cells capable of regeneration.


All countries including advanced ones are fiercely competing to develop technologies related to stem cells and cell therapy. Korea has also selected these technologies as one of the core bio businesses that will provide a growth engine for the next generation, while also intensively promoting them. Accordingly, Korea University Anam Hospital opened the Cell Therapy Center, which will provide optimal medical services to patients with incurable diseases by researching bio-medicine and developing advanced medical technologies related to cell therapy.


The Cell Therapy Center at Korea University Anam Hospital is making concerted efforts to improve the medical procedure of patients applying for cell therapy clinical trial, individual applicants, and cell therapy patients, and provides services for efficient treatment. For those who are under cell therapy clinical trials and patients, the center is working to establish an efficient management system through schedule management, education and consultation, and to improve the quality of life of patients.


■ Latest Major Medical Achievement


What is the Bloodless Medicine Center?

The Bloodless Medicine Center at Korea University Anam Hospital uses a patient blood management program to enhance the treatment result of the patient with non-transfusion or minimal transfusion. The medical team in-charge determines an optimized and customized treatment plan according to the patient’s therapeutic situation and patient’s rights, and is making proactive efforts to limit unnecessary transfusions.

The center is also devoting all efforts to provide the best medical services, such as providing prompt consultations, appointments, and hospitalization services by assigning coordinators for bloodless/minimal blood transfusion surgery.


Bloodless Medicine Center operation information

Center location: Main building 2nd FL


Bloodless Medicine Center use information

Call the Bloodless Medicine Center before visiting the hospital, and make an appointment after consultation. Arrive at the hospital 30 minutes before an appointment, and report to the reception or make a payment. When visiting without making an appointment in advance, visit the Bloodless Medicine Center for assistance on guidance. While receiving outpatient treatment, inform the medical team that you’re a bloodless application patient. Receive necessary examinations at the outpatient clinic and listen to the explanation of the surgical plan. If a surgery is planned, inform the Bloodless Medicine Center coordinator and fill out the bloodless treatment application form. Receive an explanation of hematopoiesis injected for bloodless surgery, iron supplements, and autologous blood transfusion. Examination, hospitalization, and surgery are performed according to the necessary procedures. If transferred from another hospital for emergency or child delivery, you must contact the Bloodless Medicine Center in advance.

Specialized treatment

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center

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