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Registration System For Medical Institutions

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has started enforcing the registration system in 2009 for the institutions, which serve foreign patients in Korea. Since 2016, all registered medical institutions have been required to subscribe to medical malpractice liability insurance. All of these policies have made Korean medical service more quality and safe.

    • Act on Support for Overseas
      Expansion of Healthcare
      System (‘16)
    • “Mandatory”
      Medical malpractice liability
    • Safety and Trust UP
  • Registered Institutions Serving Foregin Patients
      • Medical Institutions Serving
        Foregn Patients 1,588
      • Inducement business 948
  • Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance
    • Overall Medical Institutions
      Serving Foreign Patients
      100% Insured

As of December 2021

Transparent Medical Services

Korea strives to enhance the transparency of its medical services by sentencing illegal brokers to up to 3 years in prison or fining them up to USD 27,000. It also offers rewards of up to USD 9,000 to those who report unauthorized brokers.

A reward of up to USD 9,000 for reporting illegal brokerage

Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF)

The Ministry of Health and Welfare has implemented the Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF) to evaluate the quality of medical services provided by medical institutions (treatment, infection control, etc.) and nonmedical services (interpretation and the prevention of medical disputes).

    • Outstanding medical organizations
      with international service after evaluation of
      35 standards and 153 items
    • Reliable Medical

Evaluation System

Specialized Foreign Patient Services

  • Medical Tourism Performance
    and Operating System
  • Medical Specialists
  • Respect for a Patient’s Rights and
    Medical Dispute Prevention

Patient Safety System

  • Safety Guarantee
  • Patient Treatment
  • Medicine
  • Infection Control
  • Facility and

As of December 2021

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