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Welcome to Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital’s website.

Our Hospital is the first medical corporation to open in Korea in 1974, with the spirit of Soonchunhyang ‘Respect for humanity’ we care about lives, treat patients with humility and do our best in medical research and education.


Although it is not the largest hospital, it is a safe hospital, providing high quality treatment, a hospital that satisfies both patient and staff members while fulfilling social responsibilities and making efforts to create shared values.


We set an example for small giant hospitals by being a leading participant in the integrated nursing care system, operating new diagnosis-related group demonstration projects, and were accordingly rated the highest grade ‘1-A’ on the 2019 medical quality assessment.


We will strive to become a hospital that dreams a better future of both patients(customers) and staff, a hospital that promises everyone’s well-being with the best treatment, and a future leading hospital through innovative research.

We ask for your great support and love. Thank you.


■ Specialized treatment


Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center

Bloodless treatment is a high-level medical technique that effectively uses hematopoietic, hemostatic and plasma volume expanders in surgical and medical treatments and uses blood recovery and hemodilution during surgery, thereby significantly restricting use of blood or blood products.

Major benefit of bloodless treatment is that it reduces the side effects of blood transfusions such as hepatitis B and C or AIDS and other blood borne infections and protects the body’s immunity.

Recently, concerns about the reduction of blood donation, contaminated blood coming from abroad, and safety issues in the testing and distribution of blood donated in Korea are becoming very serious. Therefore, not only the medical community but also the general public are showing greater interest in bloodless treatment.


In response to these medical and social changes, Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Seoul opened Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center in March 2000.
The center provides high quality medical services to patients who refuse blood transfusions, centering around the director of the center, professor Lee Jung-Jae of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the steering committee, clinical support team, and coordinator.


■ Latest Major Medical Achievement


We Serve Care Honor


SCH International Healthcare Center (IHC) opened in February 1992 to help better communication and provide convenience for foreign patients. Our doctors are fluent not only in English but also in Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.


We specialize in Family Medicine and are able to provide service for a broad spectrum of medical needs such as, and not limited to, infective diseases such as seasonal flu, Internal Medicine, obesity, Preventive Medicine such as vaccinations, smoking cessation clinic, STD’s, allergy and Psychiatry.


We aim to provide the best healthcare for the whole foreign community in the nation at a reasonable cost. Thanks to our advantage of location in Hannam-dong, which is situated at the core of Seoul and at the hub of transportation, we have many visitors with various backgrounds.


We consider all patients who visit us as our family. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help to our staff at the center regarding international insurance, admissions and payments.

Specialized treatment

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center

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