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Inje University Paik Hospital

Ilsan Paik Hospital


Opened in 1999. It was recently expanded to 800 hospital beds and is playing core role in education, research and voluntary services in the northern region of Gyenggi-do with recent designation to operate medical care facility within the Gaesung Industrial Park under consignment arrangement.


Specialized centers including Indang cancer center, emergency medical center and 

regional neonatal intensive care center most advanced endoscopic surgery center equipped with live broadcasting system, intensive treatment center for acute stroke patients and cardiovascular center equipped with the most advanced medical equipment offers specialized and systematic medical careservices.

Moreover, it is growing as a competent and reliable hospital through medical treatment agreement with regional organizations, and voluntary services for multicultural families and senior citizens centers.


Specialized treatment


■ Specialized Centers

320 channel MSCT

It is the most advanced equipment currently being used the best medical care institutions in the world including the John’s Hopkins Hospital in USA. 


It is capable of attaining 320 high resolution images with width of 0.5mm in a one session and is the only CT in the world that can take images on wide area of 160mm in a single rotation in 0.35 second. 


Much quicker and accurate diagnosis is possible for patients with cardiac diseases and stroke patient. The safety of the patient has also been markedly improved by reducing the exposure to radiation and contrast medium compare to the existing CT. It is possible to acquire broader range of image, and quicker and accurate diagnosis and treatment are possible through deciphering much more elaborate 3-D images.


■ Latest Major Medical Achievement

The Bloodless Medicine Center treatment while maintaining high level of treatment precision, safety and convenience have been increased for the patients.

Specialized treatment

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Center

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