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Basic Health Screening Program

This screening program consists of basic and essential test items for the purpose of checking the functions of major organs and early detection and prevention of adult diseases (age of 20~40 years).

Male 759,000 KRW | Female 793,000 KRW


Physical examination

Height, Weight, Blood pressure, Pulse rate, Body composition analysis (BMI, Normal range of weight, Muscle mass, Body fat rate, Body fat mass, Abdominal fat level)


Ophthalmology exam

Visual acuity test, Fundus Photography, Tonometry (intraocular pressure)


Hearing test

Pure Tone Audiometry


Cardiovascular exam



Chest X-ray

Chest X-ray


Blood test General / Blood clotting / Liver function / Metabolism function / Thyroid Hormone / Diabetes / Immunity serum / Infected serum / Hepatitis / Kidney function / Tumor marker

General : CCS 4 types (Hgb+Hct+RBC+WBC), MCV/MCHC/MCH, WBC differential count, Platelet Count. Electrolytes (Na, K, Cl, CO2), Blood type (ABO, RH)

Blood : clotting Prothrombin Time, Plasma Prothrombin Time (PT/PTT)

Liver function : Albumin, T. Protein, T. Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase, LDH, Serum GOT (SGOT), Serum GPT (SGPT), Gamma-GTP (r-GTP)

Metabolism function : Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL-Cholesterol, LDL-Cholesterol, Total Calcium, Inorganic Phosphate, Lipoprotein(a)

Thyroid Hormone : T3, free T4, TSH

Diabetes: Glucose, HbA1c └ Immunity serum RA Factor, C-Reactive Protein

Infected serum: Syphilis specific Ab (Serum), Helicobacter pylori g (Serum), HIV Ab+Ag

Hepatitis : HBs Ag (EIA), Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV (Hepatitis C Virus Ab), Anti-HAV IgG (Total)

Kidney function : BUN, Creatinine, Uric acid

Tumor marker : AFP (Liver cancer), CEA (Colon cancer), CA19-9 (Pancreatic cancer), PSA (Prostate specific antigen), CA-125 (Ovarian cancer)


Urine test

Protein, Glucose, RBC, Urine WBC stick test, Urine turbidity, Ketone, Urobilinogen, Bilirubin, Nitrite, Urine color/ Urine specific gravity, Acidity, Urine micro


Stool test : Stool hemoglobin


Gastric exam : Gastroscopy


Abdomen exam : Abdominal ultrasonography


Gynecologic exam : Gynecologic exam, Pap smear, Mammography (*) Biological age Based on the blood test results, the biological age of an individual is measured in a scientific and systematic manner.

Premium Health Screening Program

The screening program is designed primarily for adults over the age of 40 and aimed for early detection of adult diseases as well as the most common cancers.

Male 2,645,000 KRW | Female 2,875,000 KRW


Basic Program : Basic Health Screening Program


Gastroscopy/ Colonoscopy (Under sedation)

This examination is to investigate stomach/ colorectal cancer at its early stage. The sedatives may be given intravenously to decrease patients’ pain and discomfort. For a complete and accurate colonoscopy, patients need to follow a low-fiber or clear-liquid diet. If a polyp is found, it will be removed during the test and a pathological biopsy will be performed.


Abdominal/ Pelvic CT

This takes a computed tomography of the internal structure of organs such as the liver, cholecyst (gallbladder), pancreas, spleen, kidney, urogenital organs, and gastrointestinal tract.


Chest CT (Low dose, non-contrast)

This examination is to diagnose lung diseases, such as lung cancer, at their early stage. The examination can detect cancer with a size smaller than 0.5 centimeters, making early diagnosis possible. This is especially recommended to the high-risk groups: age over 45, long-term smokers, and family history of lung diseases.


Cardiac CT for calcium scoring

This examination is to evaluate the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries that supply oxygen-containing blood to the heart. It does not require an injection of contrast material.


Ultrasonography (U/S)

-Thyroid U/S (Male/Female)

This imaging method is used to see the thyroid – size, shape, and position and to check signs of inflammation and thyroid tumor. In case of inflammation, there could be an additional test performed, such as a fine needle aspiration biopsy into the thyroid, to further find out if the abnormality is benign or malignant.

-Prostate U/S (Male)

This examination is to diagnose diseases such as prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer. In case of abnormal findings, patients can experience direct/indirect sexual dysfunctions along with problems with urination.

-Liver Fibroscan (Male)

A non-invasive test that can check the degree of liver cirrhosis and the fatty liver by examining liver fibrosis using ultrasound.

-Breast U/S (Female)

This examination is to test for breast cancer and is also used in order to classify breast lesions. It is useful for women with high breast density.

-Gynecologic U/S (Female)

This is the examination to test the uterus and ovary of female patients using endovaginal ultrasonography. It can diagnose uterine myoma, cystoma, and pelvic peritonitis at its early stage.



Vitamin D

25-(OH) Vitamin D test can monitor the levels of Vitamin D, which helps regulate the levels of calcium and phosphorous which aid in building and maintaining healthy bones.


Bone Density Test

This examination is to determine osteoporosis and enhances the accuracy of calculating the risk of bone fracture. It can be used to monitor the effectiveness of medication/exercise treatment which helps to prevent further bone loss and/or to maintain bone mass\


Male hormone

This examination is to check the male hormone levels with a blood sample. This includes Total Testosterone, Sex hormone binding globulin, FTI (Free testosterone index), and DHEA-S.


Female hormone

This examination is to check the female hormone levels with a blood sample (FSH, E2)


CA 15-3

Carcinoma Antigen (CA) 15-3 is a tumor marker for many types of cancer, most notably breast cancer.


ROMA (The Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm)

The risk of ovarian malignancy algorithm (ROMA) incorporates CA 125 and HE4 (human epididymal protein 4, a biological marker for detecting epithelial ovarian cancer) to assign women that present with an adnexal mass into high- or low-risk groups for ovarian malignancy. ROMA increases sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) and it is also effective tool to monitor the recurrence and progression of the EOC


Human Papillomavirus (HPV-DNA)

This examination is to test the human papillomavirus that is known to cause cervical cancer. It makes a definite diagnosis of cervical cancer at its early stage when it is performed along with PAP (Smear) test at the same time.

Executive Health Screening Program (VIP)

The most comprehensive screening program which includes extensive and precise testing items with specialized doctors’ consultation.

Male 4,565,000 KRW | Female 4,910,000 KRW


Premium Program : Premium Health Screening Program



-Brain MRA:

MRA makes a morphologic analysis of the cerebrovascular system in order to make a precise diagnosis of stroke and cerebral hemorrhage by investigating the blood flow, the condition of brain vessels, and the location of the cerebral aneurysm.

Brain MRI:

This test is to examine the anatomical structure of brain tumors and lesions in great detail, allowing us to find out the cause of a decline in brain function, contraction, and senile dementia.


Liver Fibroscan

It is a non-invasive test that can check the degree of liver cirrhosis and the fatty liver by examining liver fibrosis using ultrasound


Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)

PWV is a non-invasive test measuring arteriosclerosis and it helps early diagnosis of coronary artery disease and its treatment. PWV figures out the arteriosclerosis index and the degree of structure in arteries of the lower limb. In addition, early diagnosis of aortism, such as aortic coarctation and insufficiency, is possible by taking this test. EKG (electrocardiogram) can also be measured.


Autonomic Nerve Test (Heart Rate Variability)

This test is to check the autonomic nervous system which controls Homeostasis in the inner body and also to analyze the balance between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nerve functions in the autonomic nervous system


Pancreatic Function Test

Amylase (Serum), Lipase (Serum)


Dental check-up

This is the examination to check the periodontal status by taking a Periodontal X-ray and receiving routine dental treatment.



Secondary care

In case of abnormal findings, patients will be referred to specialized doctors for secondary care on the day of diagnosis.

Executive Health Screening Program (VIP) PET-VIP

The most comprehensive screening program which includes extensive and precise testing items with specialized doctors’ consultation.

Male 5,830,000 KRW | Female 6,175,000 KRW


Executive Health Screening Program + PET

Life Cycle Examination

The screening program consisting of the most optimized most optimal and essential test items considering age specificity.

Junior (age 15-19)

Male 736,000 KRW | Female 770,500 KRW


Physical examination, Height, Weight, Blood pressure, Eye examination, Hearing test, Pulmonary function test, Electrocardiogram, Chest X-ray, Blood test (including general, liver function, kidney function, hepatitis, metabolism function test, diabetes test, inflammation test), Urine test, Nicotine test (urine), 25-(OH) Vitamin D test, Varicella test, Abdominal ultrasonography. n Female: Rubella antibodies blood tests, CA 12

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